Steve Folmar, Moira O'Sullivan, Kayla Lazzari  DramaTours, Spring 2016

Steve Folmar, Moira O'Sullivan, Kayla Lazzari

DramaTours, Spring 2016

The Drama Studio is proud to offer our DramaTours Program, currently reaching 3,600 students per year.  28+ elementary schools in Springfield have been visited by a DramaTour, which consists of a 30-minute production followed by a 15-minute critical-thinking discussion.  DramaTours bring their own set, and students sit on the floor on three sides of the playing area.  This intimate setting demands active audience involvement in the productions.  When performances are un-amplified and interactive, we have learned that students are more attentive and inspired.  Elementary age students consistently respond with interest, curiosity, and enthusiasm in DramaTours post-performance discussions.

Previous touring productions have included Latino story theatre, poetry, and African, Tibetan, Chinese, Vietnamese and Yiddish folktales.  Over 15,000 students have attended DramaTours since 2007, and teacher evaluations have been overwhelmingly positive, citing how relevant productions are to the elementary curriculum.

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Contact Amelia Hays-Rivest at, or ask for Amelia at the Drama Studio: (413) 739-1983

Excellent! I have never seen my students so attentive.
— 4th Grade Teacher, Brightwood Elementary School
(The play) was a great tie-in to our Balliet Core Values and focus of responsibility. When the actors discussed their school responsibilities I could see the ‘light bulbs’ going off.
— Teacher at Balliet Elementary School