Field Trips

The Drama Studio offers multiple opportunities for student groups to experience live theatre.  One field trip option involves the Drama Studio’s new endeavor of producing a large-scale play each December at CityStage in downtown Springfield.  In order to encourage more young people to experience the excitement of youth-friendly productions in this magnificent performance space, the Drama Studio offers 900 field trip tickets for Springfield elementary and/or middle school students.

Hamlet skull.JPG

Another field trip option is going to our yearly classical drama production, such as Shakespeare’s Hamlet or Sophocles’ Antigone.  120+ high school students are invited to attend field trip performances of these classical works at our blackbox theatre on Oakland Street.  Classical drama is included in the high school English curriculum, and teachers have reported that their students’ comprehension of the play increased greatly after each classical drama field trip we have hosted.

Each year our Enliven Literacy! field trip program offers two theatre programs for pre-K to second grade students.  These are interactive performances and post-performance movement experiences in which young audiences join actors onstage to explore language physically.  Enliven Literacy! programs are available for up to 65 children per program and performance titles include: The Bug Show: An Interactive Alphabet Journey, The Sheep Show: Literacy through Animal Fables, and Mythology: Moving Meanings.  Enliven Literacy! not only offers arts education to local children, but also provides leadership experiences for Drama Studio actors (usually aged 11-18).  These young people from the Drama Studio conservatory have a unique opportunity to perform for, read to, and engage child audiences.  Enliven Literacy! offers Drama Studio actors experiences in leadership and the thrill of being positive role models while helping children see reading in a new light.


For more information about scheduling a field trip to the Drama Studio or CityStage (December production only), contact Mat Bussler at, or ask for Mat at the Drama Studio: 413.739.1983